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Unlock Your Superpower

Unlock Your Superpower

Did you know you have a superpower?


You do!


Your superpower is your contribution—the role that you’re put on this Earth to fill. It’s what you do better than anyone else and tapping into it will not only help you, but it will help the people around you, too.


Here are 15 thoughts and habits you can quit immediately to unlock your superpower:


1. Do It Tomorrow

Serendipity follows action.

And, everything big starts small.

But you have to start!

A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.


2. Compare Yourself To Others

The quickest way to lose momentum is to operate on someone else’s timeline.

Learn from—and compete with—people “ahead” of you...

But always run your own race.

Remember, comparison is the thief of joy.


3. Play It Safe

To experience greater success in life...

You’re going to open yourself up to equal levels of pain.

The surest way to stop growing is by waiting to act until you know you can’t fail.


4. Talk About It

Speaking it into existence is powerful.

But, there’s a tragic phenomenon on the other side of that.

The more you speak it, the more convinced you become that it’s already real.

And, you lose your desire to work towards it.

Quit talking.

Start doing!


5. Rationalize

We’re all master manipulators when it comes to our bad habits.

Life will give you every reason not to do what you said you would do...

Tired, sore, hot, cold, rain, snow, late, early...

Quit worrying about the conditions, or how you feel...

Just get it done!


6. Quit When Things Get Hard

Nothing worth having comes easy.

To be uncommon means pushing forward when it seems the hardest.

Just one day more…

Consistency means everything.


7. Tell Yourself “I’m Just Not Good Enough”

This is nothing more than a kind way to let yourself down.

How will you ever know your possibility if you never strive for it?


8. Keep The Same Circle

Hang around people who tell you what you want to hear, and you’ll never know the truth.

Find people who:

• Inspire

• Energize

• Lift You Up

• Celebrate You

And, most importantly..

Tell you what you need to hear, when you need to hear it.


9. Wait For Inspiration

If you wait for some magical feeling, you’ll never get anything accomplished.

When it’s the last thing you want to do, show up anyway.

Your inspiration will find you...


10. Be Sedentary

Creativity starts with movement.

Even if it’s just a 15-20 min walk.

You need to move every day.

Move more, and naturally, you’ll start doing more.


11. Lie To Yourself

There are a million ways to make yourself feel better.

But, you’ll never improve your situation until you get honest with yourself.

If you don’t like the hole you’re in...

Quit digging.


12. Be A Know-It-All

Only when you admit what you don’t know, can you ever hope to learn it.


13. Run From Obstacles

The obstacle doesn’t move until you learn the lesson it was put there to teach you.

Strength and wisdom...

Come from facing adversity.


14. Do It On Your Own

Success is never self-made.

It takes a village.

When you’re stuck, ask for help.


15. Worry What Other People Think

Everyone’s thoughts and opinions about you can’t matter.

Stress over how you’ll be judged...

And you’ll stay right where you are.


Own your are powerful beyond belief!


Dedicated to your success,


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I could see the whole Bible summarised in the most beautiful way ever. Literally every stance I could capture a Bible verse in it. You are the best coach!

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