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This story starts with a prayer. A simple prayer asking God to lead me in a direction that would honor Him, help others, and thrill me.

I can't hesitate to say...God is faithful!

With limited resources (to say the least), and literally no business plans, I started coaching athletes in my basement as they came by at a time. 


My only real plan was to use my education and experience to help them meet their personal goals. Simple. Right?

That's how SBSC has grown over the referral at time, one athlete at a time...always focusing on building solid relationships and getting results. 


And we have no intention of changing that approach any time soon.

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Our mission is use every bit of our God-given knowledge and experience to educate, encourage, and inspire you to do more, be more, and become more than you ever thought possible.

There is more to you than you could possibly imagine. 

Let's find that...together. 


Sam Barr
Owner/Head Coach

Sam can summarize his life with three words...Faith, Family, and Fitness.

Sam has a B.S. in Fitness Management from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, a USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach, a certified WSO Referee for USA Weightlifting, and a Professional Member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA).

One thing he's learned after all these years...there's a lot more to learn.  So, he keeps at it.  Sam regularly attends state and national conferences and completes Continuing Education Units through the NSCA all in an effort to keep up with the most recent research and training methods.  He takes that knowledge and incorporates it into his evidence-based approach to strength and conditioning.  Most recently, he attended the 2022 NSCA National Coaches Conference. 

From high school, college, and professional athletes to university presidents and school teachers, Sam has worked with a lot of people in his career.  All with one goal in help them maximize their potential!

What does all this mean for you?  Not too much, unless you're ready to maximize yours.


Are You Ready?

 Just a short while ago I never would have thought I could be where I’m at today. None of it was easy and a huge part of me has always wanted to do it but I never had the right authority figure to give me the steps I needed in order to achieve it.
I really believe that Sam saved me. I was living through a troubled time with the introduction of COVID-19 and being an athlete who is used to having a team, a schedule, and goals to work towards you can imagine where my brain went when I wasn’t optimizing my body’s potential. I always knew it was there, but it is soul crushing when you can’t figure it out on your own. I can say from first-hand experience it’s not the athletes fault it is just a lack of creating a tailored plan specific to the goals of the individual or athlete. 
From functional strength, movement patterns, mobility, and overall performance Sam has without a doubt been the reason I am and will continue to get better. You don’t really realize how much strength comes into play until you feel your body have it, now I’m convinced I will never look back again. Sam has taken on the role as a fatherly figure in a field that makes my heart feel content. If you’re on the fence of whether or not you think this is “worth it” I’m here to tell you that he is undoubtedly worth it and he will continue to prove it day after day."
Leah Miller
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