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Sam Barr Strength and Conditioning is a leader in the area of sports performance.

SBSC offers an innovative approach to training – building on a solid athletic foundation while staying focused on each athlete’s individual goals. Unlike other facilities, young athletes at SBSC are coached from the moment they enter the facility to the moment they leave.


The SBSC program is based on consistent, continual coaching. Every individual or group is led through proper warm-up and movement prep, then taken through the entire program by a qualified coach.


Our programs include instruction in movement training, injury reduction and rehabilitation, linear and lateral speed techniques, foot speed and agility, explosive power development, proper functional strength training and energy system conditioning.


The training becomes progressively more challenging once basic techniques have been mastered. Our performance coaching staff ensures proper progression over the duration of the program. 

  • SPEED – Acceleration, Deceleration, Linear and Lateral Movement Techniques, Running Mechanics, Footwork

  • EXPLOSIVE POWER –Olympic Lifting, Plyometrics, Med Ball Training, Jumping & Landing Techniques

  • STRENGTH – Functional Approach, Thorough Instruction, Focus on Upper Body, Lower Body & Core

  • CONDITIONING – Game Ready Preparation for all Athletes

  • FLEXIBILITY – Myofascial Release (Foam Rolling), Various Forms of Stretching, Muscle Activation

  • INJURY REDUCTION – Identify & Correct Muscular Imbalances, Balance & Stabilization

  • NUTRITION EDUCATION – Lessons, Tips and Advice

Make a smart investment in your future...invest in you!

We'll help you develop the biomotor abilities specific to your chosen sport so you can get to the next level!

  • Speed

  • Strength

  • Power

  • Agility

  • Endurance

  • Acceleration

  • Quickness

Let's do this!
I loved getting to train with you, honestly has been the best off-season improvement I’ve ever had. I loved all the stuff you added to my programs and I felt they did a ton for me. Truly, thank you!"
Ryan Sloniger, Toronto Blue Jays
Coming from a D1 Pole Vaulter, Coach Sam Barr is not only a great strength coach, but an incredible motivator, mentor, and role model. He's extensively educated in his craft and therefore tailors to an athlete's every individual need while making adjustments in training programs when necessary. I have worked with Sam for just under a year, and I have seen improvement past what I believed to be possible. As long as you are willing to put the work in, Sam will get you exactly where you wish to be.​"

Makena Nesbitt
I swear every day I come in I blow myself away cause it's like I keep making bigger strides by the day.  I'm so pumped that I'm getting to work with you because I feel like I've already seen more progress than I have the whole past year lifting by myself!!!.  This is awesome!”​

Alec Greenblatt
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