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Stop Working Out,
Start Training.

Working out is a random approach to fitness without any direction toward a specific goal…think exercising for the sake of exercising.

Show up at the gym, do a bunch of work, and cross your fingers that results will appear tomorrow.

Everyone who goes to the gym is looking for results, but so many people struggle to achieve them because they are working out instead of training.

Training is about incremental, specific improvement. It’s progressive, structured, regimented, and planned out.

Training is a carefully crafted fitness plan targeted at specific results.

You go to the gym, intentionally carry out your trusted training program and the results follow.

At SBSC, we take it one step further... 


Our approach is based on consistent, continual coaching. With your personalized training plan in hand, we are right there to make sure the plan is executed correctly.


We are right there for every set, every rep, and every drop of sweat!

You live it, so you know it...the sport of life has no offseason.
Everyone who trains to live an active life and perform their best is an athlete.

Discover what you can achieve and perform better doing the things you want.

With the right program, motivation, and accountability, you can be confident in how you look and perform everyday.

We'll integrate nutrition and lifestyle, movement, mobility, and strength to help you be your best!

 I just wanted to say thank you!! You are exactly what I have been looking for in a coach! Someone to explain why I’m doing it and to push me! Thank you!!"

Sherry Reinard

Sam is the best! He has helped me start to gain my confidence back by getting stronger not only physically, but also mentally."

Emily Horner

Sam has helped increase my strength and endurance to a point I never thought I could at my age.  His detail-oriented training style and vast knowledge is a very effective way to train and shows positive results in a short period of time.”​

Kim London

 Sam has been a tremendous blessing in my life. I have been working out under his guidance for almost a year now, and because of Sam’s mentoring I have lost weight and gained strength and flexibility. None of these things are easy to accomplish when you are just a few months shy of 60 years old, but it has happened because of Sam’s abilities as a strength and conditioning coach.
Sam is quite knowledgeable about exercise physiology and custom designs workout programs for me that are doable, yet challenging and efficient with my time. This is important to me because I have a busy schedule and need exercise to fit into my hectic life." 
Ron Shirey
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