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Individualization is more than just a catchy term. 

It's what separates you from everyone else, and what makes it important that you have training suited to you  - not a generic template program meant for anyone.


By combining the latest exercise science research with years of practical experience and hearts that guide our efforts, we'll arrive at training that feels like you're no longer fighting your body for progress. 

Individualization starts with your personal Profile. 

This is how we do it...



We use a set of questionnaires as the foundation of your profile: 

  1. Success Questionnaire

  2. Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)

  3. Nutrition Questionnaire

This is where you give us as much detail as you can so we start in the direction that's best for you.

Complete them on your phone with the link we send and hit Submit. We'll take it from there!



The Consultation is an informal, but important, first meeting between you and your coach. We'll review your questionnaires, do some goal-setting, talk through schedules, and answer any questions you might have.



Here we get important baselines for where you are now so we know what it will take to get you where you want to be. We'll perform a Functional Movement Screen, Body Composition Analysis, and other goal-specific and/or sport-specific metrics needed to dial in on the most effective training approach for you.


Program Design

This is where we do homework! We use all of the information collected to draft a personalized plan to get you moving forward, feeling great, and performing at your best.

Be patient, we take our time to get this right...every detail accounted for to make sure there's no wasted effort and everything you do gets you one step closer to your goal!


GO Time!

Once your plan is complete, we work together to work the plan...and exceed every single one of your expectations. This is what we do!

I'm Ready...send me my questionnaires.

As soon as they're reviewed, we'll be in touch to schedule your no obligation Consultation. 

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