What will your success story be?


"Just a short while ago I never would have thought I could be where I’m at today. None of it was easy and a huge part of me has always wanted to do it but I never had the right authority figure to give me the steps I needed in order to achieve it.

I really believe that Sam saved me. I was living through a troubled time with the introduction of COVID-19 and being an athlete who is used to having a team, a schedule, and goals to work towards you can imagine where my brain went when I wasn’t optimizing my body’s potential. I always knew it was there, but it is soul crushing when you can’t figure it out on your own. I can say from first-hand experience it’s not the athletes fault it is just a lack of creating a tailored plan specific to the goals of the individual or athlete. 

From functional strength, movement patterns, mobility, and overall performance Sam has without a doubt been the reason I am and will continue to get better. You don’t really realize how much strength comes into play until you feel your body have it, now I’m convinced I will never look back again. Sam has taken on the role as a fatherly figure in a field that makes my heart feel content. If you’re on the fence of whether or not you think this is “worth it” I’m here to tell you that he is undoubtedly worth it and he will continue to prove it day after day."

Leah M., SBSC Champion and D2 College Basketball Player


“I swear every day I come in I blow myself away cause it's like I keep making bigger strides by the day.  I'm so pumped that I'm getting to work with you because I feel like I've already seen more progress than I have the whole past year lifting by myself!!!.  This is awesome!”​

Alec G., D1 Pitcher


“Coming from a D1 Pole Vaulter, Coach Sam Barr is not only a great strength coach, but an incredible motivator, mentor, and role model. He's extensively educated in his craft and therefore tailors to an athlete's every individual need while making adjustments in training programs when necessary. I have worked with Sam for just under a year, and I have seen improvement past what I believed to be possible. As long as you are willing to put the work in, Sam will get you exactly where you wish to be.​"

Makena N.


“I have to tell you, I went to my routine doctor checkup today and she was overly pleased with my continuing health improvements over the last 2 visits.  She asked about my healthy routine and couldn't say enough about how it's being done the right way and kudos to you!!!  Thank you for helping me on this journey!!!.”​

Lisa S., Teacher


“Hey, Sam, I wanna thank you for helping me out this summer.  I lost a little over 20 pounds.”​

Zander N, College Football Player


“Sam has helped increase my strength and endurance to a point I never thought I could at my age.  His detail-oriented training style and vast knowledge is a very effective way to train and shows positive results in a short period of time.”​

Kim L., Business Owner


“Mr. Barr is a person who exhibits high levels of integrity, character, and those qualities most desirable in fitness professionals.  He is a hard-working, task-oriented person who sets high standards for himself as well as his program participants.”​

Dr. Wayne L. Westcott, Ph.D., National Strength Training Consultant


“As a parent of very active high school athletes, accidents are bound to happen.  My son got his leg broken and needed rehab.  We were referred to Sam by the high school athletic trainer to help regain the strength in his leg.  After the initial evaluation with Sam, he agreed to work with my son.  Max saw such strength gains, that he continued to work with Sam.  He will continue to work with Sam to help him prepare for college sports.  Thanks to Sam, my son was prepared and stayed healthy throughout his final football season.”​

Cathy L., Business Owner & Mom


“I wanted to let you know that I had my quarterly doctor appointment. My A1c is down to 5.5 which is phenomenal per my doctor. All of my test results were excellent. We are attributing it to the exercise program I'm following. Thank you for for your coaching and for pushing me to do the exercises I once thought I couldn't. I guess I found the answer to staying healthy.”​

Amelia S. Remote Athlete, Age 61