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If you're used to in-person coaching, then doing Online Coaching may seem less than ideal. I'll admit, it's definitely not the same, but it's a form of coaching I've done for several years with a number of people, and it works. It does produce results. 

I'll also need to admit that I struggled with this approach to coaching. Because if you do this long enough, you realize many online coaches and trainers have no rhyme or reason to what they're doing. Their programs are copied and pasted from their favorite fitness magazine, or what they saw on YouTube or Instagram earlier that day...I wanted no part of that. 

But instead of missing out on the chance to help people that can't train with us in-person, I took the time to develop a system that's not just's Online COACHING.

Here's how it works...

First on the agenda is a Discovery Call - this is where I learn as much about you as I can, things like:

  • What your goals are,

  • What you've done in the past,

  • How it worked (and perhaps more importantly, how it didn't), and

  • What your unique, individual needs and circumstances are so that we can determine if working together is a good fit. 

By the end of that initial conversation I'll have an awesome idea as to where you're at, and what we need to do to get you moving forward and feeling great.

Yes, let's do a Discovery Call...

After our Discovery Call, I will design a 100% customized training program that is specific to your unique needs, goals, and abilities. Every training session will be individually designed for you.

This is a custom designed blueprint to ensure that you finally get the results that you want. Every detail is accessed, logged, and tracked through the BridgeTracker mobile app.

Your first program is just the starting point. Each and every week, you'll check in to let me know how you're doing, send me video clips, and get feedback on your training.

Every week, we're communicating to make sure that you're working the program, that your exercise technique is improving, and that you're seeing awesome results.

Real results like these...

 I have dabbled with jogging 5Ks for years. I signed up for them for fun and to keep moving. I always wanted to run faster and become stronger but there is so much online advice that I did not know which advice would work for me - it was overwhelming.

And then I read one of Sam’s motivational posts that read, “Set a goal so big for yourself that you have to grow into the person who can achieve it”.

So, I reached out and told him that I wanted to be able to run a faster 5K. I told him my goal and asked him if it was possible for a 50-year old female and he said yes, with training. He developed an online training program specifically for me to meet my goals. It included strength training, running, and resting. Again, as an exercise ‘dabbler’, I was not familiar with all of the exercises but each one had a video demonstrating specifically how to perform the activity. He also was readily available to give advice or, in my case, encouragement, through messaging on the app. Things that were counterintuitive he clarified and it made all of the difference. After several months of consistent, imperfect training, I not only ran my fastest 5k, I fell in love with running and learned more about myself in the process.

After the 5K I set a goal to run a 10K within a specific time. I kept training and met that goal too! So, I have now set one to run my first half-marathon. He tailored my online plan and I continue to work it to the best of my ability. Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would even want to run a half-marathon let alone train for one, but Sam’s plan has worked for me and I trust it. I continue to grow into the person who can achieve the goals I have set for myself and Sam’s guidance continues to show me how to get there." 


Bobbie Adamczyk, SBSC Online Athlete

 I wanted to let you know that I had my quarterly doctor appointment. My A1c is down to 5.5 which is phenomenal per my doctor. All of my test results were excellent. We are attributing it to the exercise program I'm following. Thank you for for your coaching and for pushing me to do the exercises I once thought I couldn't. I guess I found the answer to staying healthy.”​

Amelia Seaton, SBSC Online Client, Retired (Age 61)

 I have to tell you, I went to my routine doctor checkup today and she was overly pleased with my continuing health improvements over the last 2 visits.  She asked about my healthy routine and couldn't say enough about how it's being done the right way and kudos to you!!!  Thank you for helping me on this journey!!!.”​

Lisa Schaffer, SBSC Online Client, Teacher

 Hey Sam I wanna thank you for helping me this summer.  I lost a little over 20 pounds.”

Zander Neal, SBSC Online Athlete, College Football

Yes, let's do a Discovery Call...

This is NOT for everybody!

I truly love working with people, and even more, I love helping people get results.

But, there's only so much time in a day and I need to know that the people I work with are serious about their goals.

If you’re interested in working together, here is my criteria for every athlete and client I coach:

  1. Show Up. What most people fail to realize is that showing up every day is 90% of the battle. If you simply commit to the process with me, I can virtually guarantee your success.​

  2. Work Hard. This is not optional. If you are serious about achieving your goals, you have to be willing to get a bit uncomfortable in the gym. I can assure you, though, the results are worth it.

  3. Be Coachable. Every successful person I’ve worked with over the years is coachable. They want to learn, and they want to get better, and they know a great coach can help them achieve their goals.


They may sound simple at first glance, but I assure you there aren’t many “secrets” in this game. If you show up, work hard, and allow me to coach you, I know we’re going to see some great results.

Yes, let's do a Discovery Call...

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